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Learn your Swing Plane with the Swing Wizzard

Golf Life went out to the Ravenna Golf Club where we caught up with an ingeniously simple new swing plane trainer called the Swing Wizzard.

The Swing Wizzard allows you to analyze and correct your golf swing flaws instantly. This unique training aid shows the golfer how a balanced, effortless swing should feel, builds muscle memory allowing for more consistency and accuracy. The Swing Wizzard will then provide instant feedback for immediate correction.

The Swing Wizzard will help you improve your:
• Set-up Position
• Take Away
• Proper Shoulder Rotation
• Golf Swing Plane
• Golf Swing Path
• Proper Wrist Hinge
• Golf Club Face Position
• Impact Position
• Hands Forward Position at Impact
• Timing and Tempo

This training aid is so beneficial to improving your game that even Top Teacher Jim McLean of Jim McLean golf schools endorses it.

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