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Should you be playing the 3 Up Golf Ball

To play better golf, it starts with using a good golf ball. We caught up with a company called 3 Up Golf that has two golf balls that are becoming very popular.

The 2S14 is designed to maximize impact feel for golfers with moderate swing speeds. The 2S14's Deep Soft core allows more energy transfer between the club and the engine of the ball which results in more distance. In addition, the extra durable ionomer cover is dimpled to provide maximum carry distances. The 2S14's ionomer cover is a durable workhorse designed to give you the longevity you expect. The icosahedral 392 dimple design maximizes carry distances for your swing.

The 3F12 is a premium 3-piece golf ball that's built for the amateur golfer who doesn't want to compromise distance or feel. We started from the putting green and worked our way backwards to the tee to create this amazing feeling ball. It was born out of a need for a remarkable cast urethane golf ball at an equally remarkable price point. The 3F12 was designed for the mid to low handicapper who is searching for the optimal blend of feel and performance.

With short irons and wedges, the 3F12 spins more than you're used to compared to other brands. Worried about too much spin on your driver? Don't be. The 3-piece design ensures that the massive spin characteristics are only employed when you hit the ball with lofted clubs. You can actually feel our spin technology with your hands. The 3F12 has a much more tacky feel on its cover than other golf balls.

Another added bonus of purchasing 3 Up Golf Balls is $3 of every dozen sold goes directly to a golf-related charity.

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