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Maximize forgiveness & distance with Kick X MA-Nine Irons

Golf Life's Mike Billingsley tells you about a new set of irons designed to help every golfer hit the ball farther with more foregiveness.

THE KICK X® MA-9™ IRONS - are made from a proprietary 431-9 heat treated construction that exclusively matches the feel of tour forged steel while maximizing forgiveness and increasing distance unlike any other club available. Engineered by top club designer, Mark Adams, the MA-9™ Irons are precisely tuned for optimal balance and weighting, delivering a level of power and accuracy that most golfers have never experienced. MA-9 Irons are available in both True-Temper DynaLite 110 Steel Shafts and MA-9 Graphite Shafts.

Kick X offers a 60 day risk free offer on the MA-Nine Irons.

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