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Optishot Golf Indoor Simulator

There is nothing worst then wanting to play a round of golf and not being able to. There is no reason to let slow play, bad weather and expenses stop you from playing the game of golf. Golf Life received an indoor simulator from Optishot Golf. Let's learn more about about this amazing software that allows us to play golf whenever we want.

The OPTISHOT2 GOLF SIMULATOR is the world’s number one. The award-winning OptiShot2 Golf Simulator unites the latest technology with ease of use. It’s compact enough to fit in a briefcase, yet sophisticated enough to produce results. Designed to work with every club in your bag, it requires no big set-up or big expense. In fact, with an OptiShot2 Golf Simulator all you need is space enough to swing your clubs and a desire to improve. With that, you’ll lower your scores. Guaranteed.

Get instant and detailed feedback on: Club head speed +/-2.0 MPH, Face angle +/-1.5, Swing path +/-1.9, Distance traveled, Face contact, Swing tempo and Shot shape.

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