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Keep your ball clean with a ReadyPutt Putter Cover

When you are on the green, what do you use to clean your golf ball? Golf Life got the chance to learn more about a putter cover that provides the convenience of a ball cleaner.

Every time you reach for your putter you will be equipped with a Golf Ball Cleaner and ensured a clean ball is ready for your putt. No longer will you have to remember to "grab a towel from your bag" ReadyPutt™ is with your putter every trip you make to the green.

With advanced Tri-Layer Ball Cleaner technology, ReadyPutt™ is built to remove debris from your ball. Place the Tri-Layer Golf Ball Cleaner under a water source to absorb and maintain a wet cleaning surface throughout your round. The ReadyPuttTM Tri-Layer Ball Cleaner is detachable from the putter cover to assist in cleaning clubs or other articles. It is also replaceable

ReadyPutt™ putter covers provide a magnetic Utility Platform to secure metal objects such as a divot repair tool and ball marker. Always arrive at the green with everything you need to prepare your putt.

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