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Eliminate your slice and hook with the Vision Track pro from Medicus Golf

Golf Life went out to Royal Links Golf Club in Las Vegas to see what amateur golfers thought about the Vision Track Pro from Medicus Golf.

The Vision Track is a great training aid that allows you to line up to the target and swing along the path.
This swing trainer has a small stick at the end that you will hit if your golf swing is over the top. It even allows you to use a tee when striking the ball. This training aid is so beneficial that it gives you actual visual of your clubface and how you are impacting the ball.

As one of the Medicus Golf 5 simple keys, the swing path is a vital & foundational component of the golf swing that separates great golfers from everyone else. This training aid will help you hit more fairways on a consistent basis.

Features & Benefits:
Properly aligns your stance in relation to the target.
Shows you visually the correct path for the take-away & down-swing.
The Fault Sensor provides immediate feedback if your down-swing is on an improper outside-in path
Highly portable & easy-to-use

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